Question by  crstanley (18)

Is it okay to stare at my dog?

I stare at my dog all the time.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

Yes. I think it probably makes your dog feel more important if anything. Just make sure you're still taking care of him properly and staring is not a problem at all. And if he stares back you could probably have staring contests and you'd probably win most of the time.


Answer by  TOEKNEEJEE (310)

Don't do it if you have a treat; teasing them is cruel. But if it's all for fun, give it your best shot. Dogs have rather wet eyes so it will be difficult to beat it in a staring contest, but if you train and practice hard, you can eventually win :)


Answer by  scorbitt (252)

Your dog may be searching for a dominance stance with you and staring isn't always a bad thing, if the dog looks away first, it is submitting to you, I wouldn't stare at someone else's dog if you don't know it, but staring at yours is fine.


Answer by  Teresa32 (314)

Some dogs will consider that a sign of aggression but it all depends on the dog. I stare at my dog all of the time.

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