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Question by  Kim81 (12)

Is it okay to put azodyl in my pet's food?

I don't know how else to get the medicine down.


Answer by  jlw435 (12)

Do not open or crush the Azodyl capsule. Even if you were to open the capsule and put in your pet's food, it is highly unlikely your pet would eat the food. Have someone else hold your pet if you can not get your pet to take the pill.


Answer by  Maggie83 (13)

When my dog was on Azodyl capsules the most important thing I remember was that the pill had to be given whole, not crushed or opened. Because my dog was very finicky, I had the best luck putting (hiding) the pill in liver sausage, cheese or peanut butter.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

You absolutely can NOT put azodyl in your pet's food. Consult with your veterinarian for alternatives. He or she can provide you with a device that can help pop pills into your pet's mouth.


Answer by  Rathjinngmailcom (234)

This is best applied with olive oil or butter applied on a paw so they can lick it off. You can also mix it with juice or some other type of yummy food that your pet will consume quickly and without hesitation. It's not good to put it in their water.


Answer by  Kris22 (90)

The renal failure medicine azodyl can be put in a pet's food or perhaps disguised in a pet treat. his will not harm the animal or hinder the effectiveness of the medicine.


Answer by  salina (943)

Not medical Advice : You could put it on the dog food. It will be more easier to hide it in a treat. If you are giving for medical purposes trying putting medication in ground beef. Another way is roll it up in a piece of cold cut. Your dog will think it's a treat.


Answer by  Anonymous


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