Question by  lennyislit (30)

Is it okay to order personalized checks from Walmart?

I'd like to order because the prices are good but I want to be sure they're legit.


Answer by  horthans (57)

Yes. Your local bank is not the only place you can get checks. Walmart will just need your bank's routing number, your account number, and a starting number for your checks. They provide a number of different security options with their personalized checks to prevent fraud. You should be able to have your new checks in hand within two weeks.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

Yes it is perfectly fine. You do not necessarily have to get checks from your bank. As long as the company you are buying from is reputable.


Answer by  Brian94588 (304)

Yes, this is fine to do. As long as it has the right information (name, bank account number and routing number), you can buy checks anywhere.


Answer by  BigBad (4)

No i don't think it is okay to order any personalized checks from Walmart, just because Walmart does not offer any personlized check services of any kind. If you have any inquiries about this you should contact your local Walmart.

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