Question by  Hellhammer (131)

Is it okay to freeze bread?


Answer by  tatymai (72)

Yes. Bread can be frozen for about a month. Longer than that and it dries out. Wrap it well with paper or foil with as little air as possible. Defrosting slowly in the fridge is recommended.


Answer by  YourMoneyAnswerGal (654)

Bread freezes beautifully. Be sure to wrap it tightly in a double layer of plastic. It's best to get as much air as possible out of the bags before freezing. Adding aluminum foil provides an extra layer of protection. Bread begins to lose moisture after a few weeks, so do not freeze for more than a few months.


Answer by  wendyj (359)

Yes, freezing bread is a great way to preserve and save it for later. Just thaw it on the counter when you're ready to eat it.


Answer by  Anonymous

yes freezing bread is fine people do it all the time

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