Question by  katherineagmailcom (140)

Is it normal for my throat to hurt after getting your tongue pierced?


Answer by  lola55 (36)

Not at all, If your throat hurts after getting your tongue pierced you should get it checked by a doctor since they cause it's more likely to be an infection.


Answer by  Cae (62)

When I got my tongue pierced there was swelling and soreness, also in the back of the throat. That could be mistaken for throat pain. Maybe it's just a cold.


Answer by  dc8333 (420)

This can be cause by swallowing a lot of blood, or even more saliva than ususal. If you look in the mirror and it looks red then best see the person who pierced you, more than likely they have encountered it before and can tell you what to do.


Answer by  Anonymous

some people get this due to tensing there muscles when they get pierced, it will last a few days until your muscles are relaxed


Answer by  IRSS (89)

Sometimes it is normal for your throat to hurt after getting your tongue pierced because you tend to keep yoour mouth open more and the dry air has mor access to your throat.

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