Question by  andeesuem (24)

Is it normal for a Kenmore gas oven to have a low flame?

My Kenmore gas oven has a low flame.


Answer by  bobby38 (22)

Yes, it is normal for a Kenmore gas oven to have a low flame. Try increasing the gas flow to the pilot light. To do this you will need to hire a trained technician experienced in working with large appliances, like a plumber or construction worker. Or you can contact Kenmore and have them fix it.


Answer by  foxyd78 (92)

no there could be corrosion in the gas lines. If the lines look clear it could be the continuity of the thermostat. you may need to replace your thermostat.


Answer by  barry82 (16)

No. The flame should burn as high and hot as any other standard gas oven. Unless the dial is set to low flame.


Answer by  tfelde1213 (57)

You need to look at the gas valve and ensure that it is turned on all the way. I have a Kenmore and it does not have that problem.


Answer by  atapftwb (14)

There are two types of gas ranges, standing pilot light range which the flam is on low all the time and a spark ignition type that you have to light-up a pilot light flame. Once the pilot light flame is on, it will heat-up a thermocouple blub and this bulb will allow gas to flow to the burners.


Answer by  pants (48)

No, I would check the paperwork to make sure it is setup for the type of fuel you are using. Either natural gas or propane.

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