Question by  mrsjodavis (3)

My gas was off, and when it came back on my gas oven would not work. Why would my range work but not the oven?


Answer by  ponni (43)

your ignitor for the oven has gone bad and we do not hear or smell any gas those ovens can't get hot enough to self-clean where roasting and baking is not a huge issue. You might have a couple of "false starts" with the probe because the oven is designed to superheat in order to preheat it so handle it carefully.

Reply by mrsjodavis (3):
the oven stopped working when the gas was cut off for about an hour? it was perfect before that, how can it be a bad ignitor? does that mean every time that I lose gas it will need a new ignitor? That does not make sense!  add a comment

Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

Most gas ovens have what is called a pilot light. The range has ignitors that light the gas when you turn the range burner on. The oven has to be lit prior to use. You should be able to find the pilot light directly under the oven where the gas lines come down to it.

Reply by mrsjodavis (3):
Our oven is 3 yrs old, and it has an ignitor. Does it also have a pilot light? The oven is not even getting gas, you can hear the ignitor clicking but no gas is getting to the oven.  add a comment

Answer by  japratt (1687)

It seems that you may have a loose wire somewhere within your oven stove. If this is the case you will need to check for a loose wire on it.

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