Question by  csqrd (37)

Is it legal to scan pictures taken by a photographer into your computer?


Answer by  cameraguy (97)

Yes, it is legal to scan them in. However, in most cases you can only do it for personal viewing. You can't then print out extra copies, or to post them to websites. It has to do with how professional photographers make money. By scanning and reprinting or otherwise distributing, it's technically a type of theft.


Answer by  JBW (243)

It depends on the contract made with the photographer. Most photographers own the copyrights to the photos they take and you cannot make any copy without their permission. Their are a few photographers who are paid only for the service and the reprint rights are passed on to the buyer.


Answer by  JRC (38)

It's legal to scan pictures by a photographer onto your computer however it is illegal to use this picture in any commercial venture. While you are free to enjoy pictures taken by others, you cannot use that picture as your own. You cannot sell, reproduce or otherwise claim any right to the picture. The picture must remain for personal enjoyment.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

If the images are copyrited, technically you should be paying for prints from the photographe (especially event photographers like wedding photographers). They make money by printing the photographs for you. Whomever takes the photograph automoatically owns the copyrite to the image. In short, you should get permission if you are concerned with the leagality.


Answer by  Nikonfan (88)

Though many photographers will not care, it is considered a violation of the photographer's rights. Acquiring permission first is a good way to avoid litigation.


Answer by  Kat123 (591)

It is legal if you give them recognition to their work. But if you don't and say it's yours, then you can get into trouble with the law. That would be called a copy right infringement. You can get charged a hefty for for that. And in some cases, I think you can get put in jail.


Answer by  Kristina34 (14)

It depends, if the image is copywrited then it is illegal. If there is no copywrite on the image then you're allowed to use it.


Answer by  KLC (198)

It is legal to scan pictures taken by a photographer into your computer, but it is NOT legal to use those photographs in any way to make money. For example, you cannot use them on a business website.

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