Question by  Pratama (19)

How do you load pictures onto a computer?

I have an SD card and a slot on my computer, but they don't pop up.


Answer by  Michiel (83)

There are two ways. First you can connect the camera with provided cable directly to the computer. The camera has to be set on Mass storage or PTP to show the camera on your desktop. Second way is putting the card in a cardreader. It will show on your desktop, if not, install the provided drivers.


Answer by  Maricris (70)

If it did not pop up, go to My Computer and check on Devices with Removable Storage. Your SD card should be listed in there.


Answer by  DMG (10)

Place the card in the slot. Open Windows Explorer, and click on "My Computer". You should see the SD card. Click on this, then copy the files.

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