Question by  JSchro (19)

Is it difficult to replace the crankshaft position sensor?


Answer by  Jsands1982 (871)

Yes this part is difficult to replace. It involves of removing the crankshaft. Putting it back together, making sure it properly timed, and torque to vehicle specification.


Answer by  Jaggers (1018)

Of all the maintenance tasks for your car this is without a doubt the most difficult. Unless you are a very experienced mechanic this is too tough to do.


Answer by  JackFrost (73)

It's something that's going to need to be done by someone with the right specialized equipment, or you could ruin it completely.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Really it depends on the car. Ones mounted under the timing cover are difficult however ones with mounted to the transmission housing are easier.


Answer by  tejashgthaker (28)

It is very easy to replace the crankshaft position sensor. But it all depends on type of the vehicle you have.

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