Question by  moose239 (20)

Is it difficult to add a dvd player to a laptop computer?


Answer by  Jimmy (31)

The process of adding (or more accurately, replacing an existing CD drive with) a DVD player (drive) need not be difficult. Consult your owners manual for the brand of DVD player (drive) that is compatible. A small philips screwdriver is all that should be required to successfully swap the drives.


Answer by  captainhall (25)

This is an easy project, if your computer is compatible. Your computer should have at least a Pentium CPU, be running Windows XP or Vista, and have an available USB port. Purchase a USB external DVD drive and follow the easy directions that come with the player. Consider a DVD RW, as they are about the same price.


Answer by  jstock01 (17)

If you want to add a DVD play internally to a laptop it is very difficult. however if you are willing to have the DVD player be attached via a USB connection it should not be too difficult. External DVD Drives (read only and drives with write capability) are commercially available for Windows and Macs


Answer by  Mike13 (24)

If you find the correct DVD drive, depending on the laptop, it can be either easy or hard add. Some laptops only have one or two accessible screws securing the drive, making it easy to replace. You still need DVD decoder software. An alternative is to buy an external drive, which will likely come with the software to play DVDs.


Answer by  Betty0320 (734)

Depending on the age and features of your laptop, it can be pretty easy to install a dvd player into your computer. It's just another type of hard drive, and it would likely replace your CD-ROM drive. The hard part is probably getting all the software to install and work correctly.


Answer by  Zach54 (19)

Yes, it is difficult to add a dvd player to a laptop computer. The reasoning for this is most computer manufacturers don't make DVD drives easily removable. A computer modification to this extent would require a local professional. You could also run into software compatibility issues. The best option would be to purchase a new laptop computer.

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