Question by  uniqueusername (18)

Is it common for cats to get laryngitis?

I think my cat has laryngitis.


Answer by  kittyone (25)

Is it common for cats to get laryngitis? The quick answer to this would be "no". Some cats do meow alot more than others do. If it is not sneezing alot and doesn't have any discharge around its eyes or nose, it is probably fine. I would still call the vet if you have concerns.


Answer by  chrisjensd (703)

Cats get colds, respiratory infections and can carry viruses like strep. It is best to take him to your vet if you notice cold symptoms or a raspy sounding meow. It can also develop from voice strain, like when you are gone and your cat meows constantly upon your return.


Answer by  realtor57 (118)

Is your cat otherwise healthy? Its probably nothing to worry about, but an appointment with a veternarian would be in order for a checkup of the larynx (throat). The vet would do routine blood work which also includes a thryoid check. Other causes of laryngitis could be a viral infection which is cured by antibiotics.


Answer by  GeorgeT (94)

It is not common for a cat to develop laryngitis, but it certainly may happen. It is very important to determine why you believe your feline has laryngitis. Mind the symptoms associated with infection, for example, lack of appetite and fever. Watch for signs of dehydration at any time, and take your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

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