Question by  worker30 (43)

Is it common to have elevated HCG levels in pregnancy?

My HCG levels are elevated.


Answer by  Kriket (1029)

hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is the chemical that is measured to detect pregnancy. The fetus makes hGC and pregnancy tests pick up on this letting you know you are pregnant! If you have higher levels then anticipated for your stage of pregnancy, you may be further along then you thought or may be expecting twins!


Answer by  TeagansMom (42)

HCG levels are hormones that are used to show that your pregnancy is progressing. They should double ever two to three days. If your HCG levels are raising faster than that that could indicate that your estimated due date is off or that you are carrying twins or multiple fetuses. Early in pregnancy it could also indicate a molar pregnancy.


Answer by  MammaLisa (49)

It is perfectly common to have elevated HCG levels in Pregnancy. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is the hormone that is produced early in pregnancy. This is also the hormone that is used to detect pregnancy via a home pregnancy test. The amounts of HCG present will continue to increase as your pregnancy progresses.


Answer by  mamaof2 (11)

Yes. HCG levels are elevated during pregnancy. At home pregnancy tests detect HCG as a "positive" result. HCG levels increase rapidly during the first few months of pregnancy.

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