Question by  Linds (34)

Is it common for people with red hair to have spots on their arms?


Answer by  romanguy (233)

Yes, red hair is caused by a recessive gene on chromosome 16. People with 2 copies of this recessive gene (about 1-2%) of the population will have a protein mutation which causes a high level of a certain pigmentation, resulting in red or orange colored hair, light colored eyes, freckles and sensetivity to sunlight.


Answer by  betsytkd (42)

Many people that have red hair also have freckles, which may be found only on the face or across the entire body. The gene responsible for red hair, the MC1R recessive variant, also codes for freckles so there is a high percentage of redheads that also have freckles, or spots.


Answer by  isybel (31)

Oftentimes, having red or blond hair is associated with being fair skinned. As a result of this, people with red hair often have "spots", or freckles on their arms, face and legs--this is a result of a fair complexion, not necessarily of the red hair itself.


Answer by  twyla158 (82)

Yes, people with red hair commonly have freckles on their arms. However, as people age, those with red hair as well as other colors, often have liver spots as well.


Answer by  cindy (1484)

Most red heads have paler skin compared to brunettes. And, spots or freckles, are more common in people with darker skin especially freckles that are related to sun exposure.

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