Question by  Ed209 (18)

Is having coffee every day bad for you?


Answer by  John (9008)

Coffee contains caffiene, which is both addictive and a stimulant. Fortunately, it is not horrible for you, but it is slightly unhealthy to drink coffee every day.


Answer by  EarlOfSandwich (177)

Caffeinated beverages, like anything else taken in extreme excess are bad for you. However, almost everyone's metabolism can handle one or two cups of coffee on a daily basis.


Answer by  sunny76 (16)

As of my opinion having coffee every day is good for our health because there are some health benefit's to drinking coffee as it's packed with anti-oxidants and may help in warding off certain cancers.


Answer by  worker5511 (12)

no its not good for health. becaouse it has chickery and all so its not fine for us to have coffee often in normal growth rate. it has been a great problem for it to have often

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