Question by  Neil (83)

How can you recycle old coffee grounds?

I drink a ton of coffee, and I feel bad just throwing them away. How can I put these to a new use? I am really trying to become more "green."


Answer by  crock (25)

Use a teaspoon of used grounds down the sink with water running for keeping your drains free from soap and grease build. One teaspoon in house/yard plants for added nutrients (also helps maintain moisture). Start a compost pile, it will enrich the soil and filters are bio-degradable.


Answer by  drJ (841)

Coffee grounds are a great addition to compost, if you have a compost heap. Simply toss them into your bin, filter and all. It's also possible to mix coffee grounds directly into the soil, but stick with smaller amounts if your do this with indoor plants or your whole house might smell like coffee.


Answer by  Jeremy83 (28)

Compost your used coffee grounds using a compost pile or bin. By composting your used coffee grounds you create a quality much for use in gardens.


Answer by  nurseBetty (76)

Spread the coffee grounds on your flower beds. This will deter cats from using the area as a litter box!

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