Question by  ricky (25)

Is George Lucas working on Star Wars episodes 7, 8 and 9?


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

No. His original plan for the Star Wars movies was to make nine movies, but he changed his mind during the initial writing of episode 4. The books containing the annotated screenplays explain this all in a lot of detail. Right now, he's focused on an upcoming TV series, as well as overseeing all the Star Wars novels and comics.


Answer by  Vertiglug (240)

George Lucas has been very hush hush about what he is doing for the future. Hopefully no more production of Indiana Jones. He has stated that he wants to do more star wars, but at this point it is nothing more than trying to write a script or exploring the ideas.


Answer by  eilrol (1431)

I have heard rumors about this. I do believe George Lucas is already creating plots for the up and coming episodes. I will watch if so. I love it!


Answer by  Brett (7986)

No, George Lucas has stated that the Star Wars trilogy is finished, and that the six will be the only ones made.

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