Question by  arunil (66)

Who wrote the Star Wars movies?


Answer by  Bob64 (87)

The story for all the movies was written by George Lucas. The screenplay of Empire Strikes Back was written by Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan. Return of the Jedi's screenplay was by Kasdan and Lucas. For Attack of the Clones, the screenplay was written by Lucas and Jonathan Hales.


Answer by  GoodDad (32)

George Lucas was the writer on all six Star Wars movies. However, other writers also contributed to the stories. Episodes five and six were also written by Lawrence Kasdan (screenplay). Episode two was also written by Jonathan Hales.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

In 1977, Star Wars was released to audiences around the world. It was the fourth of six movies to be released over the next 31 years, and to date has grossed approximately $4. 3 billion dollars. All six of the Star Wars trilogies were written and directed by George Lucas.


Answer by  Isabella90 (81)

The Star Wars movies were written by George Lucas. The first film came out in 1977 and the last one in 2005. He created 6 movies in the Star Wars series (Two sets of trilogies).

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