Question by  NaeNae (13)

Is frozen wine okay?

Can I thaw it and drink it? Will it taste okay?


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

There will be no difference in taste when the fine freezes. In fact, the wine tastes good when it becomes old day by day. The wine which froze can be thawn and can be drunk without any doubts. For better taste allow the wine to liquify by keeping it in natural heat instead of artificial heating.


Answer by  Joe52 (38)

I have left a bottle of wine in the freezer on accident many times. You can drink it as a frozen drink or let it thaw out and it will still taste fine.


Answer by  leilalee (67)

Frozen wine will not taste terrible, but if you're a wine aficionado you will not like the taste at all. You can thaw out the wine and drink it, it will not taste like vinegar, but it will definitely not be the best for the wine.


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

British celebrity cook Nigella Lawson admitted on her TV show that she often freezes left-over wine (in baggies) for use in cooking. I'd give it a try!


Answer by  stud (22)

Yes, frozen wine should be ok. I put wine in my freezer to see if it would taste good as a slushie. I thawed it out for a few hours so it would at least come out of the bottle, but still be icy. The taste changed quite a bit, but it was good on a hot summer day.

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