Question by  drewdaddy (55)

Is egg drop soup good your skin?

Are there other foods that are good for your skin?


Answer by  kungfukid (1241)

Egg drop soup contains eggs and ginger which would be good for the skin. Eggs especially are good to make cleansing masks out of. Egg drop soup usually also contains cornstarch which is usually not good for acne. It can promote bacterial infections, which is what acne is. So the answer is yes and no.


Answer by  thattractorguy (2970)

The nutrients in eggs are. However, the salt content in the broth can be hard on your skin. Increased sodium causes skin dehydration. Drink enough water with the soup and this can help counteract all of the extra salt in the soup. Eating a grapefruit is healthy for your skin. Dark green leafy vegetables are also good.


Answer by  Nikita (6)

The soup has eggs in it which give you lean protein for the body. Other than that, it doesn't do much good for your skin to my knowledge. Other foods that are proven to be good for your skin include: avocado, olive oil, strawberry, yogurt, nuts etc.


Answer by  Lacey (111)

I don't know if egg drop soup is good for the skin but it could be healthy if made with very little oils and MSG. Low fat dairy products are good for your skin, along with blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries.


Answer by  sean52 (86)

Egg drop soup has been known to be good for the skin, as well as also problems dealing with digestion. One of the best foods for your skin is water. Green tea is another food that is absolutely sensational for the skin. Carrots and broccoli are two vegetables that can benefit ones skin too.


Answer by  Zenki (231)

Egg drop soup? never been heard. But there are variety of foods that can give a good result to our skin.Avocado,papaya,quaker oats and even salt can be used as scrub.If you have a dark skin, use calamansi extract dissolved with evaporated milk,apply it into your body like a lotion and rinse after 30 minutes. It will lighten your skin.

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