Question by  Andrea74 (43)

Can bug eggs get under human skin?

I have heard horror stories about this.


Answer by  meoweoski (14)

My official answer to this is factual as well as disgusting. A small bug called the scabie is known to get into the skin by burrowing and then from there it proceeds to lay eggs between the dermis and the epidermis. The reason one scratches is because humans are allergic to the eggs.


Answer by  MohanReddi (31)

Yes. I have seen such cases in my neighborhood. one person has undergone an operation because of this when he ignored the disease with innocence of the problem.


Answer by  Redhdz (527)

Scabies are mites that will burrow under the skin of a person and lay eggs. And it is very contagious to other people. Then you have the Bot Fly that attaches its eggs to a mosquito and when the mosquito bites a person the bot fly eggs are deposited under the skin.


Answer by  Jawnuhthun (48)

There are certain forms of the fly species that are known to lay eggs under human flesh. However, this is a VERY rare occurrence, especially in the United States.


Answer by  Abbaskhan (78)

Yes i think bug-eggs can get under human skin. And actually i have seen some TV programs on nationnal geographic where they showed biologists who went to Madagascar and there they were bitten by some insect, these insects then developed and laid eggs in his body.


Answer by  Anonymous

Bot fly


Answer by  Becca963 (4)

Though I do not know of every kind of bug or insect in the world, it is my understanding that bugs do not lay eggs under the skin of humans. In my community, there are no bugs that do so. They can bite you and inject poison into your skin, but no eggs or larvae. I hope.

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