Question by  horace007 (14)

is bisexuality real?

I think people just say that.


Answer by  worker7316 (13)

I think bisexuality is real since it`s clear that homosexuality and heterosexuality are both real, and involve certain brain structures. It`s likely that while some people are attracted to the same sex, and some to the opposite, that some people who have both brain qualities and are attracted to both.


Answer by  Anonymous

Some people are only attracted to women. Some people are only attracted to men. Some people don't care about the sex organs, but instead fall in love with a person's big heart or deep brain or wise soul or inspiring dreams or impressive accomplishments. The third group are called 'bisexual'.


Answer by  unni (259)

Bisexuality is real. But it is not a good habit. If we addict in bisexual we cannot turn from that.

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