Question by  twyla158 (82)

Is banana pudding cake a layer cake or a sheet cake?

I want to make sure I have the right kind of pan.


Answer by  smartgirl10 (61)

You can make banana pudding cake as a round layer cake of a sheet cake. Either way you are going to layer it in order to put all the ingredients in the middle of the cake. If you want it to look like you have made a lot you can make it with round layers and it will go further.


Answer by  jennmattem (46)

To each his own! I've seen it made as a bunt cake, a layer cake, a sheet cake and even served in a trifle bowl. You can't mess this one's all good! This is southern cooking at it's best.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Usually it is a round layer cake. The pudding goes either inside the middle of each layer, or you can use it to make the layers stack on top of each other and as a sort of frosting, with fresh banana slices across the top. For a bit of extra decoration, you can also add some whip cream.


Answer by  roatley (79)

Banana pudding cake should be a sheet cake, however in cooking, rules are more like guidelines. It is eeasy to make a filling, cut your cake and layer it.


Answer by  Doris59 (1647)

With this delicious cake you have options when it comes to what pan to use. If you are taking it to another destination, then it would be easier to use say a pan. If you want something fancier you could make it in an angel food cake pan.


Answer by  windling (38)

You can make a banana pudding cake in layer form or sheet form. See what the recipe calls for. If the cake is really moist, it might be easier to make it a small cake, like a layer cake.

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