Question by  wtf4576 (28)

Is a Styrofoam container safe to transport tropical fish and the fish's water?

I've heard that Styrofoam can release toxic chemicals, and I don't want to harm the fish. Is Styrofoam safe?


Answer by  XBabycakes27 (39)

Yes, a styrofoam container is safe to transport tropical fish but they should be in a clear plastic bag first. Tropical fish can lose their body temperature quickly so a single fish should be put in a bag filled half way with water. Place it in the container. The container will regulate the water temperature for up to 48 hours.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Styrofoam container is absolutely safe to transport tropical fish. Tropical fish is very sensitive to climatic conditions. This Styrofoam container maintains a stable temperature when properly used with quality plastic bags filled with oxygen, fish and water. This keeps the temperature at low levels and thus reduces metabolic activities of the fish, which will keep them healthy throughout the journey.

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