Question by  JohnSmith (52)

Is a snake store the best place to buy a snake?

I want a boa.


Answer by  Anonymous

Definitely go to a specialized reptile store. That, or find a reptile show in your area, and purchase from there. Online dealers can be a good bet, but remember the old saying "buyer beware". Petsmart does not sell healthy snakes, or any healthy animals for that matter.


Answer by  Clayton30 (28)

Snake stores are excellent for purchasing Boas and are much more reliable than online retailers. Most of the time employees are very knowledgable and can answer any of your questions.


Answer by  sam805236aolcom (267)

I'm not sure if there are specialized snake stores, but Petsmart is a good place for snakes. They often have great deals and guarantee their snakes for a couple weeks.

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