Question by  JW37 (6)

Is a black caterpillar harmful?


Answer by  ken80 (32)

In a sense. They are slightly poisonous. They will sting a little if you touch them. However, they are not harmful to the point of being detrimental to your health, and they certainly won't kill you.



A black caterpillar is harmless to humans. In fact, a couple of days ago, I picked up a black caterpillar that was hiding under a metal gutter in my yard. It was prickly but it didn't do anything other than move at an extremely fast pace which really surprised my six year old son and I!


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

The black caterpillar is safe to human touch and can be handled without fear of poisoning. This caterpillar becomes the 'Giant Leopard Moth'. Looking closely you will find areas of red between small sections of their black bristly hair. Once a moth, it has a 3" span and can be seen throughout the day time among the butterflies.

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