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Question by  wildthing (67)

Is a bad taste when biting an indication of tooth decay?

I have a bad taste when I bite.


Answer by  Shelina (66)

A bad taste when biting can be indicative of several different oral health problems which may or may not cause pain. Bad tastes in the mouth can be caused by decay, endodontic infections, or periodal infections.


Answer by  cupcake (360)

Yes, a bad taste and also a bad smell from the tooth could mean tooth decay. Check your teeth for cavities or rotting. Check for pain.


Answer by  Kathyzig (50)

A bad taste in your mouth can be an indication of several dental issues. While it can indicate tooth decay, it can also be a sign of an infected tooth, gum tissue or an absess in the mouth or tongue. Consult a dental professional if the condition continues or worsens.


Answer by  jinxygirl (0)

I would certainly see a dentist asap

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