Question by  Prajakta (19)

Is a 148 on the LSAT a good score?


Answer by  berry (41)

It depends on where you're applying to law school. Around 75% of test-takers score between 142 and 162 - 148 is on the low end of average.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Not really. You need above 160 to get into a "good" school, above 168 for top schools. 148 might get you into a law program at a state college.


Answer by  jika (36)

It is average. Scores range from 120 (low) to 180 (high). A 151 is usually considered the median score, 163 is very good, and 178 or higher is excellent. Top schools demand scores in the 160s or above.


Answer by  Zoso (869)

A score of 148 on the LSAT is about average. The scores on the four scored sections are normalized to a bell curve going from a low of 120 up to 180; 151 is the 50th percentile. Think you can beat 148? You can take it again.


Answer by  micahkl (25)

The LSAT scoring range is 120-180, with an average score of 150. A score of 148 is slightly below average, and most law schools will not accept a candidate with such a score.

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