Question by  squashpants (23)

Is 80% oxygen dangerous during sleep?


Answer by  PaulB (26)

Absolutely. My son was in the hospital for a long stay, and every time his oxygen saturation would drop below 90%, an alarm would sound on his monitor. This awakened his mother and I on numerous occasions. The fact that the body is so active during sleep further solidifies this view. The body needs MORE oxygen during sleep, not less.


Answer by  HotWheelz (317)

80% oxygen during sleep is perfectly fine. The important thing is that you are getting some oxygen. When our bodies reach its "sleeping" state, it is natural for different characteristics to change during that time. Oxygen being one characteristic. As long as our oxygen intake during sleep does not go lower than 50%, we should be fine. Happy sleeping!


Answer by  njeri (142)

Yes i would think so. An increase in the amount of oxygen inhaled increases the metabolic rates, including brain activity.


Answer by  TheSmartOne (8)

Well In my opinion I think that it is necessary to get as much oxygen as possible because you could possibly suffocate. Be sure not to put your blanket,comforter,sheet,etc. Over your head because that could give you a lack of oxygen and you need that to live.


Answer by  Anonymous

Many COPD patients "live" easily with O2 sats of 85% or less. 80% is not unusual at rest and O2 sats vary quickly


Answer by  Seongsoo (24)

There is no way that oxygen can be dangerous or harmful to your body. Carbon dioxide may harm your body but oxygen cannot be dangerous during sleep or when you are awake.


Answer by  RAH (22)

Yes you will die in your sleep. But only if the other 20% of what you breath in with your 80% of oxygen is cyanide gas!


Answer by  srainne (2597)

It is dangerous. With a blood oxygen level that low, there is a serious sign of heart or lung disease. Also, possible sleep disorders.


Answer by  near2land (493)

A drop in your oxygen level is a dangerous situation that could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Follow your doctor's prescribed course of treatment.

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