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Question by  thorne (29)

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a Kia?

I need to work on the oxygen sensor on my Kia.


Answer by  muhammed (26)

Your heater core has a seep in it requiring replacement of the heater core. It will continuously trickle as it is part of the cooling system for the engine, and is under pressure.


Answer by  neielg (311)

In Kia there are 2 oxygen sensors, the first one can be found on the manifold of the engine while the other by the catalytic converter. The transmission sensor is by the bolt you pull out of the transmission to find the fluid level. The wires coming out of it.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

follow the exhaust from the manifold backwards and just before the firewall is 2 O2 sensors. The next sensor is past the muffler .You should have four total.


Answer by  Devin98 (487)

You need to know if it's the primary or secondary oxygen sensor. The primary sensor is going to be located in the exhaust tubing between the manifold and catalytic convertor and the secondary sensor will be located post convertor.


Answer by  jkjk19 (134)

Pending the model for exact location most cars have at least to oxygen sensors and both are screwed into the exhaust or manifold before and after the cat. They have a harness attached to them.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The oxygen sensor should be located just before the catalytic converter after the exhaust manifold. Some car do have multiple ones though. Sometimes up to two per side.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

All oxygen sensors are located in your exhaust system. Start at the manifold and follow the pipe down toward your catalytic converter. It should be located just before the converter and there may also be one located behind it. If you have two manifold you may have one or two on each side.


Answer by  murali680 (559)

Oxygen sensor is mainly located at the exhaust line with firewall, which is located after Catalytic Converter device corresponding air flow.


Answer by  johney (12)

Oxygen sensor usually located on the top left of Kia, but sometime located at the near higher trailer for rainy day.

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