Question by  tyann (54)

Is 47 years old too old to enlist in the military?

I am very fit and want to enlist.


Answer by  karenfashion (34)

Yes. You are able to go into the army reserves. Which consists of deploying when they need you. However, you may only do certain jobs for your age criteria. Make sure you score high on your ASVAB so you will have more jobs (MOS) to choose from. Being fit will definately help you out though. Good luck.


Answer by  ks (99)

47 is too old to join the military. Under federal law, age 42 is the maximum age to join. However, those with prior service can receive a waiver based on their time in service. Every branch age limits: Army 42, Air Force 34, Navy 39 and Marines 28.


Answer by  Tracy15 (821)

Yes, unless you are prior military there is a age limit to join the military. It does not matter if you are very fit the age limit stands unless you are prior military then sometimes they do let you rejoin if there is a need for you to rejoin the force sorry.

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