Question by  schumz04 (17)

Is 30.06 larger caliber than 308?

Which gun is bigger?


Answer by  Dave78 (80)

The 30. 06 caliber is a rifle round that is 7. 62mm x 63mm, while 308 is 7. 62mm x 51mm. This means that both bullets are the same width (7. 62mm diameter), but the 30. 06 has a larger powder charge. Typically 30. 06 rifles are heavier than 308 to compensate for the greater recoil.


Answer by  worker5179 (42)

A 308 caliber is roughly half an inch shorter than a 30. 06 caliber, which makes the ammo and rifles chambered for it somewhat lighter, and bolt throw in a bolt action rifle shorter. The 30. 06 is superior, but really only marginally.


Answer by  Hpd (63)

Both the 30.06 and 308 shoot the same size bullet - it is 0.308 inches in diameter. However, the case of the 30.06 is larger, and thus holds more gunpowder than the case of the 308. Therefore, while the 30.06 and 308 can shoot the same bullets, the 30.06 can generally shoot them at a slightly higher velocity.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

Yes the 30.06 is a larger caliber. The 30.06 bullet is slightly larger and can be found in heavier loads than the 308. There are only a few thousands difference in the bullet diameter but the shell casings are different by design. For a hunting rifle the 3006 would be an overall pick due to the variety of loads available.


Answer by  CathSith (69)

They are the same calibur, but the 30.06 cartridge is longer, can hold more powder, and can accomodate a heavier bullet. The guns are generally close to the same size.


Answer by  HilaryC (1382)

The 30.06 is slightly larger than the 308 but not by much. The 30.06 is more powerful, the 308 is flatter shooting.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

The 30. 06 is larger than the. 308. The. 308 is more accurate although the 30. 06 round allows for the use of higher velocity ammo.


Answer by  2525252 (717)

I'm not really sure but my guess is that 308 will be a larger gun than than 30.06. So I'd go for that.

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a 30/06 is definitely larger than a 308, and superior! I wouldn't enter the woods without it!  add a comment

Answer by  Rani60 (351)

A. 308 cartridge is roughly half an inch shorter than a 30-06 cartridge. If what your hunting wont be larger than deer or smaller to medium size bears then the 308. Both fire a. 308 caliber bullet, but the. 30-06 is larger. The case dimensions are very similar, but the. 30-06 is about a half-inch longer than the. 308.


Answer by  oldsalt (1)

With the addage that the only dumb question is the one you don't ask, can you shoot the 308 cartridge through a bolt-action rifle barrel-stamped as 30.06? If so, what other bullet configurations can be used in the 30.06?

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