Question by  Nicole75 (15)

Is 180 lbs good for a 6 foot male?

I am a 6 foot male and am 180 lbs.


Answer by  AdleiDArcy (24)

With these height and weight your BMI (Body Mass Index) results to be 24.4, which is still in the normal weight range (from 18.5 to 24.9), but it's close to the upper limit, so you'd better moderate your lifestyle (food, sports...) to avoid exceed the 24.9 limit and reach the overwieght range.


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

Doctors want to measure everybody by the skinny 140-lbs-i-too-much scale, but that scale only works in theory. In practice 180 lbs is a fine weight for someone who is 6" tall. The only way you need to worry is if you have other health issues like diabetes or sodium intolerance.


Answer by  Kimmie5150 (42)

Yes, you are average in height & weight. Possibly even better than average. Your weight is also expected to increase with age, so yuor age would also be a factor in answering this question.


Answer by  barkley (951)

The ideal body weight for your height is from 160 - 196 lbs, you are within the range. Assuming weight distribution is good, I would say your weight is good.


Answer by  jmushoe (27)

164-188 lbs is okay for a 6 foot male if he has a large frame. If he doesn't have a large frame he may be slightly overweight.

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