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Question by  Bill81 (98)

What is the record bench press for somebody with a body weight of 90 lbs?

My twelve (turning thirteen next month) year old cousin weighs about 90 lbs, and just recently maxed a bench press of 120,


Answer by  Brett (7986)

There are simply no records for such a statistic available, but the highest recorded bench press ever was 755 pounds. Be careful with youngsters lifting so much - their bodies are still growing, and they can do damage to themselves by lifting too much weight.


Answer by  SgtSaber (15)

You didn't set the record by a long shot, if that's what you were wondering. My sister is 95 lbs and put up 150. if a girl benched more than you did, so i am assuming it's at least 180 lbs and above. Keep hitting up the gym man, also check out the guiness website for the world records.

Reply by Bill81 (98):
I appreciate the info, but doubt your 95lb. sister benches 150. I forgot to put in extra info that I wasn't expecting records, I just wanted a comparison. Also, at my age, if you weighed 90lbs.& benched 180, you are on something. BTW, I "hit the gym"6 days a week.  add a comment
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