Question by  incantator (81)

In what part of the US can you find a Dominick's grocery store?


Answer by  jaho (47)

The Dominick's grocery store chain is a regional chain that operates in the Chicago area. Their stores can be found in various locations throughout the city of Chicago as well as in many of the Chicago suburbs. Romeoville, Elk Grove Village, and Waukegan are just three of the Chicago suburbs where Dominick's is found.


Answer by  Jackie20 (83)

You can find dominick's in the mid westerstern part of the us. It is mainly in the chicago Illinois area. Stores can also be found in cleveland and the northeast area, specifically new york, new jersey and Pennsylvania. It can also be found on the west coast in san diego and coronado california.


Answer by  Krimbo (24)

You can find Dominick's stores throughout the US. They have a useful locator online which shows their stores from Carson City to Richmond.

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