Question by  Trebor (22)

Is it okay that I am six weeks pregnant and have no symptoms?

I am six weeks pregnant with no symptoms.


Answer by  Laurie89 (82)

Pregnancy symptoms vary for each pregnancy and for each women. Many women will feel no pregnancy sypmtoms throughout the beginning of thier pregnancy. One of the most common sympton many women complain about is morning sickness during thier first trimester. Women who do not experience this symptom should consider themselves very lucky.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Consider yourself blessed, however you may start to experience morning sickness in the next week or so. It takes time for the hormones to build up in your body to cause the fatigue and morning sickness. Be patient it will come with time. Get plenty of rest and watch what you eat.


Answer by  myinnerdiva (13)

This is perfectly normal. Each pregnancy and each women is different. Some women may feel sick and tired, while others may not have any symptoms. If you know you are pregnant, you should visit your doctor, however, and receive a check up but do not worry, you should feel lucky that you are feeling so good!


Answer by  lains (69)

One thing you need to know is that pregnacy is very different for everyone. Some people will be very sick and some people will have absolutely no symptoms at all. I'd say if your six weeks pregnant and have no symptoms that is great and your a very lucky.

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