Question by  Rottie3 (1)

If you're on a low-sodium, low-cholesterol diet, is asparagus good for you?


Answer by  turkmeister77 (107)

Asparagus is low in sodium and cholesterol free, yet provides essential vitamins and fiber. It is an excellent food choice for those on low-sodium or low-cholesterol diets.


Answer by  Dan3686 (969)

Asparagus is very good for you on this kind of diet. Cholersterol only comes from animal products, such as dairy and meat. Asparagus is very high in fibre which will flush out all the sodium from your body. Just be sure not to put alot of salt on it when you do eat it.


Answer by  tcat (769)

I would say that asparagus is a good food item for you. It is highly nutricious and tasty. It is a good lean green veggie. THere are also a number of tasty ways to cook it, boil in butter,wrap bacon around it and bake in oven or in soups.

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