Question by  nelsonmichaelr (203)

If your convection oven isn't working, what is a way to prepare roasted chicken for 20 people?

You are a chef in a local restaurant. The convection oven you have been using is not working. You need to prepare roasted chicken for 20 people. What other pieces of equipment could you use instead. Why?


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

It is possible to use the regular oven part if you have one,if it has a broiler function.That is because it would brown the chicken properly.


Answer by  smart8888 (5)

three or four frying pan ,more oil, chicken meat, chicken masala, garlic masala, gram masala, corinder leaves, agino moto, soya sauce, chilly powder,salt. these all helps to prepare the roasted chicken and 20 plates also needed to serve. at last decorate the dish

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