Question by  Zack (10)

If my breasts feel fibrous, could this be a sign of cancer or another disease?

My breasts have a fibrous, almost grainy feeling when I apply pressure. Could this be cancer?


Answer by  veet (18)

Less then 5 % of women with fibroids develop breast cancer. If they are not painful and you do a regular exam and mamogram you should feel comfortable.


Answer by  Jan (166)

When both breasts have a grainy feeling, the individual often has what is called fibrocystic breasts. This is not a serious condition. However, it is always best to seek a medical opinion in regard to breast cancer, rather than try to self-diagnose any condition. Early detection is vitally important in breast cancer survival rates.


Answer by  Debra (105)

It is possible that it could be cancer, but it could also be completely harmless. The best thing to do is to have a doctor examine you.

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