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Question by  TonyHawk (16)

If I have to replace a Dodge Spirit catalytic converter, what would be the labor cost?


Answer by  monocogger (432)

The labor cost of this replacement depends greatly on your geographic location and on the shop you take it to. If you take it to a midas you might pay $75 if you take it to the dealer you might pay as much as $250. It also depends on if you purchased the replacement parts from the repair shop.


Answer by  mrsBee (49)

Well it all depends where you go, and if its welded or bolted on. But I would say anywhere from $150 to $300. Call around and make sure you go to someone who sounds like they know what they are doing, even check references.


Answer by  anthonyruatto (80)

Depends on number of catalytic converters installed. Some may have two , if it has a single converter labor should be around seventy five dollars. The actual removal and replacement should take approximately one to two hours. Always use a trusted mechanic so that labor charges do not exceed actual time of labor.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Typically the labor on replacing a single catalytic converter shouldn't be that high. At most is should only be a few hundred. Check around at various exhaust repair places to see what they charge. It should cost about the same has having a muffler welded in. This is if there are no unexpected costs come up.

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