Question by  elsewhen (627)

If i have to choose between aluminum cans or glass bottles - which is better for the environment?

i know that neither is too good, but which is better?


Answer by  Anonymous

Aluminium by far is better. It's the MOST abundant metal, it's quite inert enough, the Alzheimers link isnt proven. It's 100% recyclable and its for reasons like this that glass is inferior. Glass bottles is just a waste of resources.


Answer by  JYas (68)

This is a difficult question to answer. If necessary, glass bottles can be reused as a container for water or other types of liquids. But, aluminum cans cannot be reused unless they are recycled into another product. guess I would have to say that I choose glass bottles.


Answer by  Marc (35)

I believe aluminum would be better as aluminum is a scarcer recourse and so it is more likely that people would pay more for the raw material aluminum as oppose glass if you are talking about a market situation which seems to be the most sensible viewpoint.


Answer by  JimB (13)

Glass is definitely better. It can be melted down and recycled, much like aluminum. But recycling still uses a lot of the resources it saves. Glass can also be ground into sand and used to pack things like bean bags. Not to mention aluminum might help bring about Alzheimer.

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