Question by  turkey (29)

Why would someone go bottle digging?

I am uncertain to what bottle digging is and why so many people do this.


Answer by  DouglasEarlClore (1236)

Some people collect old bottles for fun or profit. Finding an unknown or obsucre location where bottles from the past were buried as trash is part of the fun. many people enjoy the look of bottles from years gone by.


Answer by  ansrgrrl (64)

A lot of people dig for old bottles because they can often find old antique ones that end up being antiques. Old antique bottles are quite often hot collectors items, and a lot of people find it fun to look for them and then sell them to antique bottle collectors.


Answer by  Gixugif (16)

Someone would go bottle digging because they may need a little bit of extra money. You can go to many stores and return bottles for about five cents, often times more.

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