Question by  CB8121 (2)

If I buy half a cow, what does that include?

My neighbor wants me to go in with her and split the cost of a butchered cow.


Answer by  Cededid (13)

Cost-wise you purchase by pounds of hanging weight and then pay to have it cut and wrapped. You need to talk to the butcher about your preferrences, i.e. you would like mostly roasts, steak or ground into hamburger. Normally you get a good variety of steak choices and then based upon your choice, a variety of roasts and hamburger.


Answer by  banane70 (15)

For better storing, meats should be weighed by cuts (i.e. loins, chuck, flank, etc.) and divided into half. Bones should already be removed unless it is ribs or t-bones, etc.

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