Question by  scorpie (48)

What should I know about cow ants?

I think they're also called cow killer ants. can they really kill a cow?


Answer by  aleva932 (101)

Cow ants are actually a species of wasp. They have nothing to do with cows, they got the name from the sting of the female which is said to be so painful that it could kill a cow. They don't hurt anything but they are annoying

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would they hurt people?  add a comment

Answer by  Latha (264)

These type of ants are very dangerous for cow. They bite the body of cow and suck their blood as soon as possible. This will create a tired to the cows. To control these ants we have bath the cows daily and keep neatly.


Answer by  vimalmay15 (122)

Cow ants are a deadly blood sucking insects found on cows body. these insects can just suck the blood of the cows and live as a parasite in cow's body. These ants can be avoided by giving a regular bath to the cows


Answer by  chloe2301 (0)

i need more information about them !!!!! my daughter saw one in our backyard. Are they going to hurt her ???? if you know please tell very very soon !!!!! Thanks !!!!

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