Question by  Lynette (12)

How do you add digits in an excel cell?

I need to add digits in an excel cell.


Answer by  Mark94 (127)

Set the contents of the cell to something like =C1+C2 where C1 and C2 are the cells you would like to add. Use Equals signs for formulas.


Answer by  kellyb (7)

Go to the task bar select fx to bring up the dropdown box, select sum in the function arguement box number 1 select the first cell that you want to add click on the cell with the first number, do the same for number 2 when you have selected all cells to add, click ok.


Answer by  vijayparttimejob (2254)

use the concatenate function ie=Concatenate(0,A1) Change A1 to be location of your data. Alternatively you could change the formatting of the cell to custom and create a custom format of 00000000. This way it would add as many zeros as necessary to return an 8 digit number.


Answer by  blahblah (670)

To add decimal places to a number: Select the cell. Choose Format in the menu bar. In the Number tab, choose Number, then the number of decimal places you need.


Answer by  mahes (32209)

just right-click on the column header and select format cells Select the number tab, select custom and enter 000000000 Click OK

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