Question by  umadevi (6)

I locked my car keys in the trunk, how can I get them out?


Answer by  mailmesujeshgmailcom (17)

Cheapest way is to take out the back seat but you can avoid that by calling a lock smith.. call AAA and ask them but if not... if your low on funds,take out the back seat then reach in an get them....


Answer by  jon40 (440)

The easiest way would probably call a locksmith or your local dealer, but you could use a coat hanger or something similar to open your front door locks then pop the trunk from inside or pull the rear seat down to get them.


Answer by  DanFarley (28)

Call AA service to unlock your trunk. You could snag a object to try and break into the lock of your car. Try and jimmey the car open with a spare key , or see if you have a spare key anywhere inside your car. Use your automatic trunk opener on your keypad to open it.


Answer by  Worm47 (41)

If the doors are not locked on most cars you can lower the back seat and crawl or reach into the trunk.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well if the doors are unlocked then you can pop the truck with the trunk release inside the car. However if the doors are locked you will need to have a lock smith come and unlock the trunk for you. Aside from this there is no way of getting into the trunk without causing damage to the vehicle.

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