Question by  LMcCord (17)

I have a lump where I got my tongue pierced. What could be wrong?


Answer by  crisduarte (363)

It could be an abcess. you will probably need antibiotics. The abcessess usually clear on there own but just incase I would swish your mouth with baking soda and warm water for atleasr 2 minutes with 5 swishes. it will help dry out the abcess. I would still go see the doctor.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

The lump is most likely keloidal scar tissue caused from the puncture itself or from damage to the underlying tissue caused by moving the piercing about before it was completely healed. There is little that can be done for it, but a visit to your piercer may provide you with some ideas.


Answer by  pieface (273)

It is possible that the tongue is infected especially if there is any discharge from the lump. Or the lump could be scar tissue from the initial injury.


Answer by  worker4155 (21)

It could be infected, in which case you should try taking out the piercing and cleaning it every time you eat smoke or anything like that. or it just grew something like a sist (sorry about the spelling) you should probably go back to your piercer to have it checked.


Answer by  kk43 (150)

I think you should go to the doctor. It might be infected. You also might be having some type of reaction to the type of metal that is in your tongue. A lot of people are allergic to nickel, so perhaps you are having a reacion to the nickel in the piercing.


Answer by  jlwilson6 (1098)

It is probably just tissue build up from where the needle entered the tongue. Just keep an eye on it and make sure to follow all of the cleaning and eating instructions you were given. You can expect pain and swelling for at least a week. If it continues past that, you should get it checked out.


Answer by  kgrim (510)

Depending on how long you have had it, it could be a calcium buildup within your tongue. Your tongue is a muscle and will always try to close the piercing.

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