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Question by  boog (23)

I got Isopropyl alcohol in my eyes, how do I get it out?


Answer by  becca63 (325)

You should find a sink quickly and rinse your eyes. You should do this until you feel as if you have gotten all of this out of your eyes. After that you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your eyes could be damaged if you don't seek medical attention.


Answer by  goldfish21 (11)

Immediately go to the nearest bathroom and try washing it out with water. Don't rub your eyes while you are washing them since that will irritate them more. Put your face in the water and let the water rush over your eyes and rinse the alcohol out of your eyes.


Answer by  benstac (1928)

You need to thoroughly flush the eye with water, but it is also best to get professional medical care to ensure there is no damage.


Answer by  Sher123 (51)

Flush your eyes with running water as quick as you can. Cup your hands under the water and with your eyes open put your face in your hands. Flush your eyes for 15 minutes then go to a physician immediately.


Answer by  mouscelia (170)

Flush your eyes immediately with lukewarm water over the sink. In the meantime, have someone call your doctor to find out what to do, or call the poison control center. You can usually find the number to poison control on the bottle label. You may need to keep flushing it for 15 minutes.


Answer by  apples (39)

First of all, do not close your eyes or blink. This will only spread the alcohol to the back of your eyes. Go to a sink and rinse your eyes under a semi-strong current of slightly warm water.


Answer by  michmich2 (195)

You need to flush your eyes with water for at least 15 minutes. As isopropyl alcohol is very caustic, a trip to the eye doctor as soon as possible is probably a good idea.


Answer by  Brentdabney (29)

If isopropyl alcohol contaminates the eyes, immediately flush eyes with water. Do not use soap or any other chemically based product. Flush the eyes and around the affected area for at least 15 minutes.


Answer by  Mgarcia (752)

The best way to treat this is to flush the eyes with water. Fill a basin with water and submerge head with eyes open. Use this method for about five minutes. If pain or blurred vision continues contact a doctor.

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