Question by  wasadirtymonkey (2)

I disabled the pointer on my laptop, how do I fix it?


Answer by  jag (278)

First hit the windows button on the keyboard and scroll up with arrow to control panel. Hit the tab button to get to the icons, go to pointers and devices with your arrows and enable your mouse. XP, windows 7 and vista are pretty similar.


Answer by  NarenMukherjee (308)

go to your device manager and find mouse and if it shows something about a in-port mouse or something delete/remove it and then restart. If it works fine, otherwise goto your Device Manager, and enable the device if you find any exclamation mark on any device. I thik your problem will be solved by this way.


Answer by  amitkinha (293)

Press the touch pad button right above the touch pad. If that doesn't work, go to control panel, then mouses and pointers, and re-enable the touch pad on your laptop.


Answer by  teebo (144)

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. If using a mouse, check to see if it's plugged in. If using a trackpad on the laptop, review your trackpad settings to make sure it is turned on. (You can access the control panel through the Start menu on most laptop PC's.)


Answer by  Adrian27 (338)

You didn't disable the mouse pointer. You should go to your local computer hardware store and let a technician check your problem. It's usually hardware related.


Answer by  John13 (186)

If you plugged in an external mouse, your trackpad or pointer might become disabled. To fix this, go to your Start menu, click on Control Panel, and clock on Mouse settings. From there you should be able to re-enable your mouse pointer. If you find that you cannot, your trackpad may need service.


Answer by  budubu09 (60)

I would start looking in the BIOS setup. Depending on the laptop you have to press F1, Del or another key during booting to enter the BIOS. Then search the option to enable the pointer again. I cannot tell more detailed, as the BIOS setup looks different for most laptops.


Answer by  rhelt (461)

Click start, control panel, then mouse. The far right tab should be the settings for your touchpad and pointer. Click settings under this tab and browse.

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