birth control


Question by  steffy (5)

Can I get pregnant within the first two days of starting a birth control prescription?

I finished my old pills then started new after cycle can I become pregnant within the first two days.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Yes, it is possible, if you were off it between prescriptions long enough to release an egg. For the same reason, doctors advise women that when starting the pill it is possible to get pregnant during the first month's packet. If your gap between the two prescriptions was only a few days for your period, you are probably ok.


Answer by  tmk0831 (120)

If the new package of pills that is started is the same prescription as the first, the birth control will be effective provided that you are taking it as prescribed. If you are changing medications or have a gap in dosage, you will want to use a backup method for seven days.


Answer by  Majyk (115)

Birth control pills are not completely 100% guaranteed no matter how long you have been taking them. If you were taking them and now you are pregnant it is obvious that the answer is yes you can get pregnant while on birth control pills. It would appear that you are an example of the fact.

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